Postgraduate Grants

The McGlashan Charitable Trust provides a number of grants for postgraduate study on an annual basis. Each award is on average between £500 – £1500.

As awards are made where there is the greatest hardship and/or need it is important that the Trustees are furnished with up to date information.  Those students applying early are expected to update their information before the deadline date of 31st May.

Guidelines and Criteria

Applications are considered from individuals who meet the following criteria:

  • under 30 at the start of the period of study relating to the application
  • applying for postgraduate study only
  • i) born in Scotland and studying, or planning to study, in Scotland or abroad OR ii) born elsewhere and currently studying, or planning to study, in Scotland
  • applications to be made on the appropriate form, fully completed and providing the additional material requested
  • receipt of applications will be acknowledged


  • application to be submitted by email by the 31 May deadline (late applications will not be considered). Please note the next deadline will be 31 May 2022. 
  • applicants notified of decisions on grants in early July

Further information

  • Applicants who are enrolling on a course within the School of Music at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland should apply directly to the RCS in the first instance, and not via the Trust
  • where requisite qualifications, or course offer, are yet to be confirmed, a conditional grant might be offered
  • successful candidates are required to notify the Trust should the circumstances of the purpose of their grant change significantly.  That would not necessarily result in withdrawal of the grant
  • the Trustees request a report on progress of study, at the end of the term of a grant


Please note that the McGlashan Charitable Trust is currently undertaking a review of grant-making policy. We hope to have concluded this review by summer 2022, and anticipate making changes to both our student and organisational award criteria and application process. These changes are expected from the following rounds:

  • Organisations – 31 October 2022 deadline
  • Students – 31 May 2023 deadline

Please note there will be no changes to criteria or process for those organisations or students applying to the Trust as part of the upcoming spring 2022 deadlines.