About the Trust

Since 1992, The McGlashan Charitable Trust has provided grants to students, currently exclusively for postgraduate study, and to charitable organisations predominantly in the Arts in Scotland.

Please note that the McGlashan Charitable Trust is currently undertaking a review of grant-making policy. We hope to have concluded this review by summer 2022, and anticipate making changes to both our student and organisational award criteria and application process. These changes are expected from the following rounds:

> Organisations – 31 October 2022 deadline
> Students – 31 May 2023 deadline

Please note there will be no changes to criteria or process for those organisations or students applying to the Trust as part of the upcoming spring 2022 deadlines.

Postgraduate Grants

The McGlashan Charitable Trust provides a number of grants of around £500-£1,500 each year for postgraduate study.

Grants to Organisations

Grants to charitable organisations are focused predominantly on the Arts in Scotland.

Supporting the Trust

Help us sustain and expand the number of grants provided to individuals and organisations.